2" Axle Strap with Round Forged D-Rings

Item# A42170-HD

Webbing 12,000 lbs BS
Assembly 3,335 lbs WLL

Forged Delta Rings 10,000 lbs Breaking Strength
Working Load Limit – 3,335 lbs

When it comes to transporting vehicles on a trailer or flatbed, it’s essential to have secure and reliable tie-down equipment. That’s why the 2-inch Axle Strap with Round Forged D Ring is an excellent choice for professional and amateur auto haulers alike. This heavy-duty strap provides extra durability through its Cordura sleeve, which protects the tie-down webbing from cuts or fraying over time. With a 3,335 lbs assembly working load limit rating, you can be confident that this strap will provide ultimate durability and strength during transport.

Transporting a vehicle can be a daunting task, but with the 2-inch Axle Strap, it’s never been easier. This strap is one of the most popular ways to transport vehicles, and for a good reason. Its user-friendly design means that the average vehicle can be secured in just minutes by using the axle strap paired with the ratchet straps of your choice. This strap is perfect for anyone who wants a reliable and straightforward way to transport their vehicle safely and securely.

Looking for a complete solution to transport your vehicle safely and securely? Check out our popular Axle Strap and Ratchet Strap SET, which contains everything you need to hit the road with confidence. With the 2-inch Axle Strap with Round Forged D Ring and a reliable ratchet strap, you can be sure that your vehicle is secure and protected during transport. Don’t take any chances when it comes to transporting your valuable vehicle. Invest in the 2-inch Axle Strap and Ratchet Strap SET today, and enjoy peace of mind on the road.

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