12" 2-Ply Recovery Tow Strap

Item# 41975-16

Vertical – 33,400 lbs WLL
Choker – 25,000 lbs WLL
Basket – 66,800 lbs WLL

220,000 lbs Web Break Strength — Work Load Limits are listed above

14” FULL CORDURA WRAPPED EYES are more resistant to cutting and prolong the life of your strap. Are you tired of having to replace your tow straps every few months due to wear and tear? Well, fear not because the “FULL CORDURA WRAPPED EYES” are here to save the day! These tow straps are designed with added resistance to cutting, which prolongs their life and helps them withstand heavy use.

Whether you’re getting your trailer or truck out of a muddy ditch or pulling heavy farm equipment across a field, these tow straps are up to the challenge. They’re made with high-tenacity, industrial-strength polyester, making them the strongest and safest tow straps on the market. So, you can rest assured that your equipment is in good hands. This recovery tow strap features 220,000 lbs webbing breaking strength and is used for recovering extremely heavy farm equipment, machinery, and numerous other heavy or oversized equipment from the elements.

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$378.00 USD