1" CAMO Endless Loop Cambuckle Strap

Item# A42174CAMO

Cambuckle 1,500 lbs BS
Assembly 500 lbs WLL

Webbing 3,000 lbs Breaking Strength
Working Load Limit – 500 lbs

1-inch CAMO Endless Loop Cam Buckle Straps are one of the most versatile straps for bundling cargo together, securing cargo to a pallet, holding crates closed, hunting strap applications, or even alternative securement applications. This endless cam buckle strap does not contain any tie-down hardware end fittings and loops back to itself to be tightened to the desired strength which helps to make the number of securement applications almost endless.

This strap features 3,000 lbs webbing breaking strength and a safe working load limit rating of 500 lbs. Made to be extremely durable with our 3,000 lbs camouflage design pattern polyester webbing that provides durability, strength, and a very little amount of stretching. This helps to ensure that once the cargo is secured it does not come out of place during transit.

We have several different customization options on this strap such as the length of webbing and the cam buckle hardware style of choice. As a leading manufacturer of tie-down straps in the United States if you don’t find the exact length of webbing or if you need a bulk pricing quote give our experts a call today at 800-807-5634 to get started.

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