1" Polyester Webbing - 6,600 lbs Black

Item# 3100003

6,600 lbs Breaking Strength
300 foot roll

May have 2-3 splices per roll due to the manufacturing process.

Get heavy-duty securement with ease by using 1-inch Black Polyester Tie Down Webbing. With a breaking strength of 6,600 lbs, this webbing is the perfect choice for securing cargo with 1-inch Ratchet Straps, 1-inch Cam Buckle Straps, and other applications. Engineered to provide great strength and minimal stretching, this heavy-duty yet durable polyester webbing helps prevent excess stretching from causing damage to your cargo during transit.

Don’t let weather conditions get in the way of a successful securement. The 1-inch Black Polyester Tie Down Webbing is designed to withstand extreme rainfall, snow, ice, heat, and cold. This added durability makes it a great choice for securement applications outside of the elements.

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Price is for 300 foot Roll

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