Flatbed Supplies

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6” wide HD Webbing
Choose your Length


Choose Your Length
Chrome Finish


40 inches Long
Chrome Finish


12 inches Long
Plastic Protector


Great for Motorcycles
Choose your Length


11 inches Long
4.5 inch Drop on Sides


8” x 8” x 10”
4” Slot for Straps


18 inch x 84 inch
Mesh with Bungees


Hard, Durable Rubber
Keeps Jack in Place
Easy to Use


For 4 inch Straps
WHITE Plastic


Black in Color
7.75 in Each Side


15,000# BS Minimum
5,000# Load Limit


8” x 8” x 10”
4” Slot for Straps
Orange with Reflectors


39” long x 2.75” wide
33” between stops


8” D x 9.5” L x 5.75” H
Zinc-Plated Eyebolt


15,000# BS Minimum
5,000# Load Limit


6 Foot Pieces
For Sliding Winches


Steel Corner
For Transport Chains


Steel Construction
Wrap Many Lengths


Rubber Straps
Box of 50 Pieces


36” in Length
6,600 lbs Load Limit


32 Inches Long
4 Inch Handle width


Webbing 12,000 lbs BS
Assembly 3,335 lbs WLL


8” x 8” x 36”
Plastic Corner


8” x 8” x 48”
Plastic Corner


Webbing 12,000 lbs BS
Assembly 3,335 lbs WLL


18 inch x 84 inch
Reversible with Ropes


Webbing 12,000 lbs BS
Assembly 3,335 lbs WLL


18 inch x 84 inch
Mesh with Ropes


Webbing 12,000 lbs BS
Assembly 3,335 lbs WLL

Flatbed Supplies

Flatbed Supplies are known around the professional trucking industry as one of the most key points of success for truckers to keep cargo secured until it reaches the final destination. This not only can help trucking companies keep customers happy, but it can also save trucking companies millions of dollars in potential damage claims, fines, and repeat customers every year.

No matter if you are looking for Oversize Load Signs, Flatbed Winches, Winch Bars, Corner Protectors, Coil Racks, or Rubber Tarp Straps we have everything you need in order to stay on the road.

Oversize Load Signs & Wide Load Flags

Oversize Load Signs and Wide Load Signs are a great way to make other motorists on the road aware of your large and extremely heavy load that are you are transporting. We have a selection of different oversize load signs with ropes, bungees, and safety flags that include a dowel, as well as a wire loop option. Oversize signs and flags are a great way to raise visibility while moving heavy cargo to other motorists while sharing the same roadways.

Oversize Load Signs and Red Safety Flags are necessary when transporting different loads in different states. No matter if you are driving the load of piloting the load we have the safety flags and oversize load signs to get the job done. When finding what sign works best for your application it is always important to find the state website and what sign is permitted.

Flatbed Winches

Flatbed Winches are run along the side of a flatbed trailer and are designed to be used with Winch Straps to place on the trailers side rails to tighten the winch straps securing cargo into place. No matter if your flatbed requires a Sliding Winch Track, Portable Bolt On Winch, or a Lashing Winch Lodi Metals has what you need in order to keep your rig on the road. We have a wide range of different Flatbed Supplies to be a one-stop shop for professional trucking fleets.

Winch Bars

Winch Bars are used to tighten and to secure winch straps on Flatbeds by using the Winch Bar as leverage to make securing the Winch Straps much easier. Our Winch Bars are designed and manufactured with a non-slip handle and tapered tip.

Winch Bars are great to tighten winch straps with the boxed endpoint, as well as for securing lever style chain binders. Winch Bars come in Available lengths of 32”, 36”, and 40” lengths depending on personal preference. It is always important to remember that chain binders should not be tightened with normal winch bars, you will want to use a combination Winch Bar instead.

Corner Protectors

Corner Protectors are one of the best most widely used cargo control products inside of the shipping industry to protect tie down straps from causing damage from over tightening as well as providing a great way to prolong your tie down straps from friction that could weaken the tie down webbing.

Some of the different Corner Protectors we offer in our online store include Rubber Corner Protectors, Aluminum Sideboard for Bricks and Masonry, Heavy Duty Corner Protectors, Plastic Corner Protectors, Nylon Sleeve Protector, and Cordura as being some of our more popular tie down strap corner protectors.

Coil Racks

Coil Racks are incredibly sturdy and easy to use on flatbed trailer beds to give extra stability for your cargo securement. The heavy-duty gauge steel construction design provides an extremely durable and yet reliable solution to coil hauling. Coil Racks with Reinforced ends are 38.5 inches long by 2.75 inches wide and are 32.5 inches between stopping points.

If you have any questions regarding any of our coil racks or our alumni masonry sideboard you can give our experts a call by calling us toll-free at 800-807-5634 or by using our online contact form located here. Our experts are standing by and are here to help answer any further product information or finding what works best for your load.

Rubber Tarp Straps

Rubber Tarp Straps are designed to be able to hold down tarp covers on Flatbed trailers and pick up trailers from sliding off. Tarp Straps come in the sizes of 21 inches and 31-inch varieties depending on what fits your cargo needs best.

If you have any questions regarding our Tarp Straps or our Flatbed Supplies, please give our experts a call by calling us toll-free at 800-807-5634 or by using our online contact form located here. We look forward to being able to help assist you with all of your cargo securement needs!