E Track

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Web 6,000# BS
Assembly WLL1466# BS


Web 6,000# BS
Assembly WLL1466# BS


Ratchet 4,400# BS
Web 6,000# BS
Assembly WLL1466# BS

Dual e-fittings on short end to make adjustable


Ratchet — 11,000# Break Strength
E-Fittings — 4,500# Break Strength
Webbing — 10,000# Break Strength
Assembly Work Load Limit — 1,500#


Web 12,000# BS
Assembly WLL1,466# BS


Ratchet 4,400# BS
Web 6,000# BS
Assembly WLL 833# BS


4,500 lbs BS
1,500 lbs WLL


4,400 lbs BS
1,466 lbs WLL


4,400 lbs BS
1,466 lbs WLL


6,000 lbs BS
2,000 lbs WLL


3,300 lb Break Strength


For use with 2×4 or 2×6 lumber


For use with 2×4 or 2×6 lumber


For E-Track Load Bars


for 3,000 lb BS e-track bars


for STEEL e-track load bars


Shoring Beam End for 96” and 102” trailers

2,000 pound breaking strength


For use with standard duty e track load bar ends


Outside Diameter : 1 1/8”

predrilled holes for foot and cargo bar mechanism


Outside Diameter : 1 1/8”

predrilled holes for foot and cargo bar mechanism


works with 1 1/8” diameter tube

Steel construction


E-Fitting on Each End
Black Heavy Duty Material
18 inches by 53 inches


This replaces the spring end of the f-bar.


These are used to secure your pallet jack to the trailer walls for security while in transit.

Choose your own length


42” x 140” with 20” squares

Made with E-Fittings on both sides to fit into the e-track in your trailers.

E Track

E Track is one of the leading methods of cargo securement in the back of a pickup truck trailer or tractor trailer by utilizing the strength of the walls of the trailer to provide a safe and secure method of cargo securement for the shipping industry. E Track Rails can be mounted along the floors or the walls of semi-trailers, moving vans, or pickup truck trailers just to name a few of the many different uses for E Track. E Track Rails are available in both Horizontal E Track that is ran Horizontally or Vertically by using Vertical E Track to secure cargo from many different securement angles.

Although E Track can be one of the best methods of securing cargo it also has many other purposes such as being able to organize cargo to make the most of your available space. As you have the ability to secure cargo from different advantage points you can secure cargo from angles that were previously impossible. This helps professional truckers save some the available space inside of the trailer that allows for fewer trips to be made to transport the cargo resulting in less fuel being wasted. Utilizing space can become crucial in helping to save truckers thousands of dollars a year by transporting more cargo in fewer trips.

in the transportation industry, it can either make or break a returning customer by being able to deliver your cargo load safely, which is not always an easy task by any stretch of the imagination. No matter if you plan on stacking loads to the ceiling or are transporting incredibly fragile cargo the need of keeping the cargo locked in place is a MUST.

E Track can be used as an invaluable tool due to the versatility and the heavy duty design that allows tie down straps and cargo bars to be locked into place on the rails. Did you know there is also a cargo net option that helps keep smaller boxes in place and preventing the boxes from shifting that could cause major damage to packages?

There is nothing worse than ordering a package and after waiting several days you receive the box and when you open the package you notice the product is broken. Not only does this create a hassle for the customer, but it can create damaged business relationships, delays, and lowering the chance of ordering again.

Some of the perks of using E Track is by using E Track Straps and Cargo Bars that are designed to lock into place on the rails of the E Track to create the ultimate cargo securement solution. Cam Buckle Straps with E Track fittings are a fast and effective way to make sure that your cargo reaches its destination safely.

E Track Cam Buckle Straps are designed to be simple to tighten and loosen with one hand around objects that can be small or large and secured into place by using the strength of your hands. The reason behind not using a ratchet mechanism and using hand strength as it greatly reduces the risk of cargo becoming damaged or destroyed from over tightening.

No matter if you are looking for E Track Systems, E Track Straps, or E Track Accessories we have everything you need to get the job done right. Lodi Metals has been one of the leading manufacturers of Tie Down Straps for over the last 25 years in the cargo control and professional trucking industry. We have gained the trust of those who have used our products and continue to provide great cargo securement solutions to keep your cargo secured. If you have any questions regarding our E Track products please give our E Track experts a call at 800-807-5634 or by using our online contact form located here.

E Track Straps

E Track Straps are some of the most durable and yet dependable tie down straps on the market for cargo securement. E Track Straps are made in both E Track Cam Buckles and E Track Ratchet Straps varieties. Both of these E Track Straps are great for cargo securement or keeping your load safe during transportation but do have several perks to using each.

E Track Ratchet Straps – E Track Designed Ratchet Straps that allow for cargo to be tightened through the use of a Ratchet Hardware Mechanism. The way the Ratchet works is by each tightening motion becomes tightened and the Ratchet flows in one direction allowing for the cargo to never become loose during transport. Once you arrive at the destination you are transporting cargo to you can simply release the Ratchets tension by pulling the mechanism upward allowing for the slack of the tie down webbing to become released.

E Track Cam Buckle Straps – E Track Cam Buckle Straps are Cam Buckle Straps that are specifically designed to work alongside E Track Systems. E Track Cam Buckle Straps are made for lighter weight cargo tasks but still are made to keep cargo secure and safe when transporting. Cam Buckle Straps use an alligator clip that allows cargo to be tightened by pulling the excess slack through with your hand and arm strength. As the strength you are able to pull is as tight as the cargo can become it is less likely to become damaged when tightening. This is the perfect solution for any lightweight boxes, antiques, and cargo that may be more prone to receiving damage when becoming secured.

No matter if you plan on using the walls of a trailer to secure cargo using our E Track Straps or if you plan on using a moving van we have exactly what you need as your source for shipping supplies. We have a wide variety of different E Track Systems, E Track Straps, and E Track accessories such as E Track Fittings that are made to work with the rails of E Track inside of a trailer.

E Track Load Bars

E Track Load Bars can prove to be an invaluable tool for anyone who is in the cargo transporting industry. When paired using our E Track Rails these load bars can prove to be the difference in your car arriving safely to its destination. E Track Load Bars can also be known around the industry as E Track Decking Beams, Wood Beam Sockets, or Shoring Bars as they are used to shore cargo.

Shoring Bars are used to help secure the load in place to help prevent against any potential shifting of cargo that could knock over and damage your cargo. Shoring is the act of building layers against the wall to form a secure method to keep cargo from falling over which could result in damage to the boxes or the cargo that is being transported. Some of the different E Track Bars are offered include our Heavy Duty E Track Load Bars that are used for heavier cargo in the back of a trailer or dry van.

Some of the different cargo bars we specialize in are made to be adjustable in the 87 inches to 97 inches size or our 93 inches to 103 inches size. If you aren’t seeing exactly what you are looking for our experts may be able to custom make exactly what you are looking for to fit your custom application. We will do everything to make sure your cargo needs are taken care of by custom making a load bar that best fits your specific needs. This is just one of the many different advantages of being a manufacturer rather than a reseller.

It is always extremely important to make sure your E Track Load Bars are secured and fastened into the E Track fittings before you get started on your way. Failure to properly secure Load Bars can lead to catastrophic damage to happen to your load and those who might be unloading the cargo. Prior to departing on to your next stop and during every stop in-between to check on the load bars being fastened is a crucial step to ensure the ultimate procedures is being followed.

If you have any questions regarding any of our E Track Load Bars you can call our experts at 800-807-5634 or by using our online contact form that is located at the top of our website. We thank you for the opportunity to help with all of your cargo securement needs.