Cargo Bars

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Lengths: 35”
4×4 Bolt-on Foot

Replacement part for the Lodi Metals Jack Load Bar. Bolts onto the main tubing.


Rubber replacement handle for cargo jack bar.


4 Loops to Attach to Load Bar
Black Heavy Duty Material
18 inches by 53 inches


Outside Diameter : 1 1/8”

predrilled holes for foot and cargo bar mechanism


SMALL stud pad for 1 1/8” tube
LARGE stud pad for 1 1/2” tube


This replaces the spring end of the f-bar.

Cargo Bars

Lodi Metals has one of the largest selections of Cargo Bars in the United States including our popular Steel Cargo Bars, Load Lock Bars, Pickup Truck Bars, Hoop Bars, E Track Bars, and Jack Bars. The idea behind all of these cargo bars is the same as they are used to secure cargo into the place that results in cargo being secured into place and less prone to falling during transit.

Lodi Metals is one of the only manufacturers of cargo bars inside of the United States as we are not a reseller or distributor of our cargo bars. We supply our top of the line cargo bars directly to the public, as well as the professional transportation, professional trucking, and professional movers industries.

Cargo Bars are the perfect way to keep boxes, luggage, or cargo secured into place to prevent boxes from falling out of the back of a truck or tractor trailer. This could easily result in an upset customer or costly damage insurance claims due to cargo becoming unsecured during the move or when you are opening the tractor-trailer doors and having cargo fall out becoming damaged.

Load Lock Bars

Load Lock Bars utilize a handle mechanism that can easily be adjusted into desired placement inside the back of a tractor-trailer. There is a variety of different length of bars and styles available such as Single Hoop and Double Hoop Bars. A single hoop bar provides a single loop for cargo securement, while a double hoop bar (sometimes known around the industry as a butterfly bar) provides two hoops for cargo securement.

One of the most common injuries in the professional trucking world is opening the cargo doors after a long drive to find out as soon as you open the doors cargo is falling out toward you. This can cause serious potential injuries depending on the weight of the cargo that is being transported falling on you if you are not careful. You can help avoid the chance of cargo falling out and becoming damaged or someone becoming injured by using cargo bars to prevent some of the risks of falling cargo.

Jack Load Bars

Jack Load Bars are very alike normal Load Bars and are used to provide an outward pressure that creates a great securement to the walls of a tract trailer. Jack Bars work just like a car jack, as you pump the handle of the Jack Bar to extend the bar in order to apply pressure to the desired securement.

Once the cargo bar is fully secured you now have a great cargo securement that can easily help organize the amount of available space inside of the trailer, all while providing a great securement to keep the cargo locked in place. Jack Load bars are made to be durable and made for the heaviest duty of cargo securement.

Professional Trucking Companies can greatly benefit from an organized securement method that helps to keep cargo safe during transportation while being able to utilize the previously wasted space in the trailer. You can greatly reduce the chance of injury occurring in the back of a trailer through the use of cargo bars to keep cargo locked in place and prevent cargo from falling over or falling out of the back of the trailer when you arrive at your desired destination.

Decking Beams

Decking Beams can also be known around the transportation industry as E Track Bars and are used with E Track to create decks or layers of cargo securement by attaching into the E Track Rails that run along the walls of a tractor-trailer. You can use Horizontal E Track or Vertical E Track to create layers or decks to best fit your securement needs. If you have any questions regarding any of our Decking Beams or E Track Load Bars please give our experts a call at 800-807-5634 or by using our online contact form located “here”:

Hoop Load Bars

Hoop Bars can also be known across the professional trucking industry as Butterfly Bars and are used to keep boxes secured during transportation through Weld on Hoop Bars. Hoop Bars create a great way to have equal weight distribution through the use of cargo bars in the back of a tractor-trailer, box truck, or pickup truck.

This helps to prevent cargo from tipping over and becoming damaged or having cargo unorganized that could take time to find exactly what you are looking for. No matter if you are a professional mover or a professional shipper we have exactly what you need in our online store to make sure your next shipment allows a peace of mind knowing your cargo is secure.

No matter what cargo bar fits your business needs best our experts are here to assist you with any further product information, product recommendations, or finding what works best for your securement needs. You can give our cargo control experts a call by calling us at 800-807-5634 or by using our online contact form located here. We appreciate the opportunity to help with all of your cargo securement needs!

Cargo Bars