1" Polyester Webbing - 6,600 lbs White

Item# 3100015

6,600 lbs Breaking Strength
300 foot roll

May have 2-3 splices per roll due to the manufacturing process.

1 inch White Polyester Tie Down Webbing Rolls with 6,600 lbs breaking strength is the heaviest duty 1-inch wide webbing in the cargo securement industry. This webbing is used for various different securement applications such as in the back of a pickup truck, enclosed trailers, pickup trailers, corporate event tents, tent rentals, and more!

Featuring 6,600 lbs breaking strength this webbing provides the ultimate amount of strength and durability for its size and is able to last the test of time outside in the elements without the risk of the color fading or coming off. Tie Down Straps and Tent Straps made with this webbing provide great securements for tents and event canopies when it matters the most. We are the only dealer of 1-inch webbing that is this strong in the industry and take pride in the quality of our 1-inch tie-down straps.

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Price is for 300 foot Roll

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