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Many times in the trucking industry the flatbed is usually the market that poses the biggest threats to wear and tear on tie down equipment due to the oversize loads and odd shape materials. Lodi Metals carries many flatbed products that can secure, fasten, and protect your equipment from the everyday wear and tear the flatbed industry presents. To get protected see our corner protectors and cordura sleeve

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2 1/2" Cordura Sleeve


2 1/2” Cordura Sleeve


2" Rubber Corner Protector


2” Rubber Corner Protector

.25” Thick
3.5” Wide
12” Long


4" Cordura Sleeve


4” Cordura Sleeve


4" Rubber Corner Protector


4” Rubber Corner Protector

.25” Thick
6” Wide
12” Long


6" Heavy Duty Nylon Sleeve Protector


6” wide nylon protector


Deluxe Corner Protector


12” Plastic Corner Protector


Heavy Duty Corner Protector


8.5” x 8.5” x 11” with 4.5” slot for strap


Plastic Corner Protector-4"


These durable corner protectors keep your straps from tearing and your product from being damaged.

100 pcs. per box


Steel Corner Chain Guide


This chain guide will keep your load damage free.


Steel Corner Protector w/Rubber Backing


1/2” thick rubber